SYLOE Production is a multi-faceted Franco-American production company.  We produce a variety of products such as: Feature Films, TV Series, CGI animation, Documentaries, and Docu-Dramas.

With a mandate for excellence, we create projects with purpose and value by using exciting and entertaining methods for a world audience.

Our aim is entertainment through story-driven films and series that touch thought provoking issues about the values in our society.

We promote and encourage a « Glocal » business attitude through ethical finances and investments in our local community and abroad.

« You can design and create, and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it takes people to make the dream a reality. »   -Walt Disney

Demo Reel:

Dagobert ou Saint-Denis à l’envers

Syloe Prod with the support of Saint-Denis and in partnership with the « communauté de communes » of Saint-Denis presents a new TV show : « Dagobert ou Saint-Denis à l’envers »


The Vision

Entertain, Inform, Change!

SYLOE Production makes every effort to create, fabricate and distribute top quality audio-visual content for television and cinema that speaks to the hearts and minds of people all over the world.  We constantly strive to meet with current market demands through decreased fabrication cost and increased consumer appeal.  Much like a technical R&D effort, we are constantly developing exciting stories, captivating characters, entertaining methods of storytelling, and exhilarating production techniques.

Where there is no vision, the people perish  - Proverbs 29:18

The culture

A company with a long term vision

The human being is the target.

Syloe Production desires to be known by its core values that rest at the heart of the company.  Constantly integrating this culture into each product that we create to produce a new and exciting product that touches the world.

Our culture directs our leadership, goals, strategy, and overall management.

It is our culture that allows us to be involved, motivated and in touch with our production staff.  We encourage an atmosphere of creativity and trust between employees.  It is important to us that our employees are happy and excited to come to work each day as their state of wellbeing is reflected in the final product through quality and creativity.  We believe that it is important to reward individuals for their positive involvement, letting each person know that their work counts towards the overall company vision.  We work hard to make a positive contribution to the physical, mental and spiritual growth of each and every employee as well as the community.  We aim to develop each person’s potential, so that they can in turn, develop the potential of the ones they are working with.

Our performance & our creativity is based on the value of the diversity of talents shown by each individual in order to have unity and not uniformity.

Our success relies on our human capital.


In Our Business

Integrity, honesty, transparancy, and respect

In Our Products

audacity, creativity, and inventiveness

In Our Relationships

authenticity, truth, and team work

In Everything We Do


Moral value can never be replaced by the value of the intelligence, and to that I would say : thank God.    - Albert Einstein


Our Promise : Quality

From the smallest detail to the largest project, Syloe Production promises to seek out the highest quality possible for the investment.  Pushing creativity to its limits within the confines of budget.

Our Commitment : Responsibility

We are 100% aware of our position of influence and take that into account with each product that we create.  In both content and form we strive to create and produce responsible content.

A taste for truth at any cost is a passion which spares nothing.   –  A. Camus

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Type :  Feature
Genre : Action/Adventure
Format : 90 Minutes
Director: Jan Belletti



Type :  Shortcom
Genre : Comedy
Format : 12x5mins
Director: Olivier Valade
Partners: Plaine Commune Promotion,  Mairie de Saint Denis, Département du tourisme de Saint-Denis



Type :  Long-métrage
Genre : Comédie
Format : 90 minutes


Virgil, middle-aged, single and racist, son of the baron and baroness de Lézac is the only inhabitant of a huge castle inherited from his parents after their death. But the cost of maintenance is so high that the castle is in peril of being sold off by the solicitor Michel Dupuis and bought by André Bourrieu, a developer. Jacob Vincent, a 40 year old Haitian single father, who lost his home, asks Virgil to house him in exchange for food and help with his debt. Jacob moves in with his four children and the tranquil life that Virgil has been accustomed to is threatened. What price will Virgil pay to keep his castle?

Status : In development

1793: Les Echappés

Type : Feature length film
Genre : Action/Adventure
Format : 90 minutes


It’s 1793. two enemies, a fervant obediant revolutionary and a young headstrong royalist both thirsting for justice and freedom, join forces to save hundreds of innocent women, captured by the reign of terror.

 : In development

The Tree Of Stars

Type : Feature
Genre : Fiction Documentary
Format : 90 minutes
Director: Elodie Thebault
Partners: GDF Suez


An arts teacher called Elodie attempts to give freedom to children being treated for cancer at the Marie Curie Hospital in Paris. She does this by taking them to another place where everything is possible, where even the creations from the children’s imaginations can take life.


Type: Web Video
Genre: Comedy
Format: 6x13mins
Director: Benoit Wiener
Partners: ABF and Progressif Média



Type: Web Video
Genre: Comedy
Format: 6x2mins
Director: Benoit Wiener
Partners: ABF


Un pasteur se met en boite

Type: Web Video
Genre: Sketch Comédie
Format: Court
Director: Benoit Wiener
Partners: Signes production


Les Samaritains

Type: Court métrage / Pilote TV
Format : 26 Minutes
Genre : Drame Social
Director: Hervé N’Kashama


Les Samaritains Play

Trêves diverses

Type : Série Fiction
Genre : Comédie Sitcom
Format : 26 x 26 minutes.

Marc and Corinne Morelle will finally be able to retire and move to the beautiful abandoned family home. They sell everything they have so that they can enjoy this paradise and relive their youth. But when they arrive, they find young students squatting in the property who can’t be evicted during the winter months.

: In development

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